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Can I bring a cake and ice cream if I do NOT book a birthday with you?

No, We do not allow any outside food or drink in the building, unless you have booked a party with us.

Do you take credit / debit cards?

Yes, we take Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards.


Can I bring my own skates?

Of course! At the door we will check to make sure that they are in good repair, and give you a go ahead. HOWEVER: We do NOT allow Heeleys or any similar shoes with single wheels on our skate floor.

What is the cost to rent skates?

Rental Roller Skates are $2, and Rental Roller Blades are $3 (Unless otherwise stated)
Toddler (Fisher Price Skates) are also available at the same cost as Regular Roller Skates.

Do I have to pay if I am just watching with my child?

No, Parents are welcome free of charge if not skating, and may walk on the skate floor with their child, as long as they stay close to the wall.

Do you have lockers?

Yes! Lockers are 50 cents each. (Single use)

Do you sell skates?

Yes! We sell skates in our proshop, as well as skate parts. Online shop is coming soon, keep watching.

Birthday parties?

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Private Rentals?

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